First Impressions for Home Selling

We’ve all heard the expression “You only get one chance to make a first impression.
…and this could not be more true than it is in real estate.

When a buyer schedules a showing for your home, it’s showtime. So before you list, make sure to do a run through from the eyes of a buyer:

Walk to the end of the driveway. Is the driveway clean? Does it need to be pressure cleaned? How does the landscaping look? Don’t underestimate curb appeal. Some buyers will actually cancel showings if they drive by and don’t like what they see from the outside.

Walk up to the front door. Don’t come in through the garage or dig around for your keys. Buyers will be walking up to the front door taking in the area, the condition of the porch or entry, noticing the front door handle and exterior light fixture.

Enter the home and take a moment. What stands out? Is it light or dark? Does the furniture make the huge living room look not so spacious? Does the paint color that seemed like a great idea suddenly not blend in from daily exposure? Does the space look clean? Do tabletops look cluttered?

Give it a test run. Most buyers don’t walk through and keep their hands to themselves. They open closets, pop open a cabinet here and there, open the sliding glass doors to see the back patio, flick on lights and fans, etc. Make sure closet doors are staying on their tracks, the sliding doors don’t stick, and light bulbs are functioning. A lightbulb is an easy fix, but a room that appears to have no light or is dimly lit because only 1 out of 3 bulbs are working seems like a bigger issue to a potential buyer.

I recommend contacting a friend, family member, or even better a real estate professional to do a walk-through. When you live in a home some things start to blend in or not seem like a big deal, but for someone walking through for the first time may stick out or be a turn off. A fresh set of eyes always helps!

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