How to Make Your Property Stand Out


Tips to Make Your Listing Stand Out

I always do everything I can to help my clients’ listings stand out from the pack. A lot of people don’t think about the experience a potential buyer/renter has while viewing their property…


My first recommendation: Walk up your driveway to the front door (many of us go in through the garage and don’t ever pay attention to the front door area). Walk in and look around like when you bought the property. What stands out? What is positive or negative? Is it cluttered / clean? Does it smell good? Does the decorating let the home shine? Is it light and bright?

Lots of Sellers / Lessors skip this step and it’s the easiest way to catch things early and make sure your property makes a great first impression.

Also, alot of Sellers spend time and money getting big items repaired in anticipation of inspections, but don’t overlook the little things: doors that stick, junk drawers, burnt out light bulbs. Potential buyers won’t know that the chimney crack was repaired, but they’ll notice when the closet door pops off the track.

Home For Sale? If you have a Keurig, create a help-yourself coffee bar. Creamers can sit on the counter without refrigeration, sugar packets are inexpensive and you can offer an array of flavors (or just stick to your favorites so none go to waste). Even if potential buyers don’t choose to test out the coffee bar, it shows you care and stands out.

Side Note: If you’re going to spend money on your home, spend it in the kitchen and/or master bath. 

Rental? Offer a small kitchen package (utensils in a fun color). Helps dress up the kitchen for showings, adds a pop of color and differentiates your unit from others in the same community. You can also do bathroom packages (think robe and slippers) or whatever else you think highlights a feature of your property!

I can’t share all of my secrets online, but I have tons of tips to help get your home sold. My background in marketing and event planning helps me see through a consumer’s eye and create spaces that excite and comfort people.

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